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6oz Candle

Designer: Botanica 805

Grapefruit Basil
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Botanica 805 creates a locally handcrafted candle with sustainability in mind.  The candle ingredients consist of coconut wax which is renewable, biodegradable, and sustainable.  Each coconut wax candle is clean burning with a lead free cotton wick which is braided with pure unbleached cotton.  They are made with 100% pure essential oils and natural aroma oils, and are without phthalates, petroleum by-products, artificial dyes, and colorants. 


Wanderlust- a blend of woodsy cedar + pine with soothing Lavender aromatic.

Grapefruit Basil- A dreamy blend of citrusy notes with fresh picked basil tones.

Ginger Zest- Citrusy and clean home freshness!