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variety kanthas

variety kanthas

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Mystery Kanthas! 


Our tried and true dream blankets are now online! 

In Sanskrit, the word “Kantha” means rags. But these blankets aren’t usually produced out of actual rags. They are a mix of old saris and other discarded pieces of fabric. Meant to be used as accent pieces, the original intent of these quilts was also to keep people warm while repurposing old fabric. The patterns are often creative, spontaneous, original, and emotional. 

We use these kanthan quilts for EVERYTHING:

+ Tablecloths

+ Sofa Cover or Chair Cover 

+ Bed Spread

+ Window Treatments

+ Picnic Blanket

The size of these blankets are roughly the size of a twin size blanket (66 x 90 inches)

ONce you place your order, you'll receive a hand picked kanthan from us! These are vintage and FINAL SALE, so what you get is what you get. We know you will love it!! 





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